Solutions to GMAT Official Guide 2019 Sentence Correction Questions

Question#Question Text
668According to some critics, watching television not only undermines
669In her presentation, the head of the Better Business Bureau
670Recent interdisciplinary studies advance the argument that emotions
671In a speech before the Senate Banking Committee, the chairman
672As with ants, the elaborate social structure of termites
673While Noble Sissle may be best known for his collaboration
674Air traffic routes over the North Pole are currently used by only
675From an experiment using special extrasensory perception cards
676A long-term study of some 1,000 physicians indicates
677Hurricanes at first begin traveling from east to west
678Travelers from Earth to Mars would have to endure low levels of gravity
679Unlike the virginal, whose single set of strings runs parallel
680Although Alice Walker published a number of essays, poetry collections
681Heating oil and natural gas futures rose sharply yesterday
682Because it regarded the environmentalists as members of an out-of-state organization
683In 1913, the largely self-taught Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan
684Cost cutting and restructuring has allowed the manufacturing company
685The Life and Casualty Company hopes that by increasing
686Like ancient Egyptian architectural materials that were recycled
687Especially in the early years, new entrepreneurs may need
688Unlike the nests of leaf cutters and most other ants
689Turtles, like other reptiles, can endure long fasts
690Thai village crafts, as with other cultures, have developed
691To estimate the expansion rate of the universe is a notoriously difficult problem
692The Commerce Department reported that the nation’s economy
693Thomas Mann’s novel Doctor Faustus offers an examination
694According to a recent study, retirees in the United States
695Discussion of greenhouse effects have usually had as a focus
696In the seventh century B.C., the Roman alphabet was adapted
697The foundation works to strengthen local and regional
698A professor at the university has taken a sabbatical
699Researchers now regard interferon as not a single substance
700The remarkable similarity of Thule artifacts throughout a vast region
701Between 14,000 and 8,000 B.C. the ice cap that covered northern Asia
702Bengal-born writer, philosopher, and educator Rabindranath Tagore
703Traffic safety officials predict that drivers will be equally likely
704Written early in the French Revolution, Mary Wollstonecraft’s
705Using study groups managed by the principal popular organizations
706The use of the bar code, or Universal Product Code
707Normally a bone becomes fossilized through the action
708The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) had long been expected
709Over the past ten years cultivated sunflowers have become a major commercial crop
710Not trusting themselves to choose wisely among the wide array
711In the 1940s popular magazines in the United States began to report
712In the early part of the twentieth century, many vacationers found
713Over the next few years, increasing demands on the Chattahoochee River
714Elizabeth Barber, the author of both Prehistoric Textiles
715Digging in sediments in northern China, evidence has been gathered
716Employing many different techniques throughout his career, Michelangelo
717Outlining his strategy for nursing the troubled conglomerate
718It is called a sea, but the landlocked Caspian
719According to a recent study of consumer spending on prescription medications
720Technically, “quicksand” is the term for sand that is so saturated
721Along the major rivers that traverse the deserts of northeast Africa
722Despite its covering the entire planet. Earth has
723At the end of 2001, motion picture industry representatives said
724Making things even more difficult has been general market inactivity
725Ryunosuke Akutagawa’s knowledge of the literatures of Europe, China
726According to scientists who monitored its path, an expanding cloud
727Because many of Australia’s marsupials, such as the koala
728Having been named for a mythological nymph who cared
729Many utilities obtain most of their electric power from large coal
730When viewed from the window of a speeding train
731The English physician Edward Jenner found that if experimental subjects
732The final decades of the twentieth century not only saw an explosion
733Covering 71 percent of Earth’s surface, the oceans play
734The Eastern State Penitentiary was established in 1822 by reformers
735Some anthropologists believe that the genetic homogeneity
736Through experimenting designed to provide information that
737The United Parcel Service plans to convert its more than 2,000
738Foraging at all times of the day and night, but interspersing
739In some types of pine tree, a thick layer of needles protects the buds
740The tourism commission has conducted surveys of hotels
741A new study suggests that the conversational pace of everyday life
742The nineteenth-century chemist Humphry Davy presented the results
743To attract the most talented workers, some companies
744Many of the earliest known images of Hindu deities in India
745Tides typically range from three to six feet
746A leading figure in the Scottish enlightenment, Adam Smith’s
747Researchers studying the brain scans of volunteers who pondered
748Rivaling the pyramids of Egypt or even the ancient cities
749In California, a lack of genetic variation in the Argentine
750Next month, state wildlife officials are scheduled to take
751About 5 million acres in the United States have been invaded
752While it costs about the same to run nuclear plants
753The 32 species that make up the dolphin family are
754The first trenches that were cut into a 500-acre site
755Companies are relying more and more on networked computers
756Combining enormous physical strength with higher intelligence, the Neanderthals
757To map Earth’s interior, geologists use a network of seismometers
758Prices at the producer level are only 1.3 percent higher
759Fossils of the arm of a sloth found in Puerto Rico
760Recently physicians have determined that stomach ulcers
761The eyes of the elephant seal adapt to darkness
762A mutual fund having billions of dollars in assets will
763Positing an enormous volcanic explosion at the end of the Permian period
764The 19-year-old pianist and composer performed his most
765Starfish, with anywhere from five to eight arms
766In 2000, a mere two dozen products accounted for half
767Similar to other Mississippi Delta blues singers, the music
768Thelonious Monk, who was a jazz pianist and composer
769Nobody knows exactly how many languages there are
770Although a number of excellent studies narrate the development
771The absence from business and financial records of the nineteenth
772Heating-oil prices are expected to be higher this year
773Even though Clovis points, spear points with longitudinal grooves
774Heavy commitment by an executive to a course of action
775According to recent studies comparing the nutritional value
776Yellow jackets number among the 900 or so species
777Before 1988, insurance companies in California were free
778Marconi’s conception of the radio was as a substitute
779Because there are provisions of the new maritime code
780Unlike the automobile company, whose research was based
781Gusty westerly winds will continue to usher in a seasonably cool
782With the patience of its customers and with its network strained
783November is traditionally the strongest month for sales
784Most of the country’s biggest daily newspapers had lower circulation
785Mauritius was a British colony for almost 200 years
786Although appearing less appetizing than most of their round
787The world wildlife fund has declared that global warming
788The largest of all the planets, not only is Jupiter
789While many of the dinosaur fossils found recently in northeast
790Found only in the Western Hemisphere and surviving
791She was less successful after she had emigrated
792Scientists have recently found evidence that black holes
793The use of lie detectors is based on the assumption
794Australian embryologists have found evidence that suggests
795Most efforts to combat such mosquito-borne diseases like malaria
796Among the Tsonga, a Bantu-speaking group of tribes
797Almost like clones in their similarity to one another, the cheetah
798As sources of electrical power, windmills now account
799While most of the earliest known ball courts in Mesoamerica date
800As criminal activity on the Internet becomes more
801Last week local shrimpers held a news conference
802A ruined structure found at Aqaba, Jordan, was probably a church
803In the major cities of industrialized countries at the end of the nineteenth century
804By 1999, astronomers had discovered 17 nearby stars
805Although she was considered among her contemporaries to be the better poet
806In no other historical sighting did Halley’s Comet
807Rock samples taken from the remains of an asteroid