The original building and loan associations were organized as limited life funds, whose members made monthly payments on their share subscriptions, then taking turns drawing on the funds for home mortgages.

Option A
Option B
Option C
Option D
Option E

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Sentence Analysis

The sentence says that some associations were organized as limited life funds. Its members made monthly payments on their share subscriptions, and then they took turns to draw on the funds. This is what the sentence seems to mean.

However, we see that “taking” is a verb-ing modifier in the sentence preceded by a comma. Thus, grammatically, it should modify the preceding clause. However, it doesn’t seem to provide any additional information about the preceding clause. Rather, it seems to present another action that is parallel to and happens after the action of making monthly payments. Therefore, this structure (using verb-ing modifier) in the sentence is incorrect.

The original sentence, thus, has one error.

Option Analysis

(A) Incorrect. For the error described above.

(B) Incorrect. “taking” after ‘and’ is not parallel to anything before ‘and’.

(C) Correct. This option corrects the error in the original sentence by presenting the action of “taking” as the second verb “took”.

(D) Incorrect. “they drew…” is a separate independent clause, not joined properly with the independent clause before it. Also, now, it is not clear that they took turns for what!

(E) Incorrect. “drew what?” and “taking turns to do what on the funds?” are the two questions that this option leads to. Clearly, the option is severely distorting the meaning of the original sentence, or rather, this option is not leading to any meaning at all!

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