The foundation works to strengthen local and regional agricultural markets and cooperating with governments, improving access for farmers for productive resources such as land and credit.

Option A
Option B
Option C
Option D
Option E

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Sentence Analysis

In the given sentence, ‘cooperating’ is incorrect since it is not parallel to anything before ‘and’. Now, this part can be made parallel to either ‘works’ or ‘strengthen’, producing any of the below two meanings:

  1. The foundation works to cooperate with governments
  2. The foundation cooperates with governments

The second meaning looks more logical since one can cooperate directly; one doesn’t need to work to cooperate. However, it’s better to be open to both of these meanings.

Also, ‘improving access’ is presented as a verb-ing modifier modifying the preceding clause. However, it doesn’t make a lot of sense: ‘improving access for farmers’ doesn’t look like a natural consequence of foundation’s cooperating with the government.

The third problem is non-idiomatic ‘access for productive resources’. When we want to talk about ‘what is to be accessed’, we need to use ‘access to’. ‘access for farmers’ is correct since here we are talking about ‘who needs to access’.

Option Analysis

(A) Incorrect. For the three errors mentioned above.

(B) Correct. This option corrects all the three errors of the original sentence without introducing any new error. In this option, ‘cooperates’ is parallel to ‘works’.

(C) Incorrect. Since the purpose of cooperation is ‘improvement of access’, such information is better presented using ‘to + verb’ i.e. ‘to improve’. Although, ‘cooperate’ is not incorrect since it is parallel to ‘strengthen’, the construction in option B is more logical, as highlighted in the sentence analysis.

(D) Incorrect. For the following reasons:

  1. In this option, ‘strengthen’, ‘cooperate’, and ‘improve’ are three parallel elements in a list. However, they are connected improperly using two ands. Also, logically, option B makes more sense in which ‘cooperate’ and ‘improve’ are not separate actions.
  2. ‘accessibility for productive resources’ is non-idiomatic. It has to be ‘accessibility to’.
  3. ‘their’ distorts the meaning. Are we trying to improve farmers’ access to their own resources? Probably, not.

(E) Incorrect. For the following reasons:

  1. ‘in cooperation’ is not parallel to anything before ‘and’.
  2. ‘access for productive resources’ is incorrect as highlighted in the sentence analysis.

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