Rhea Dhall
Analyst at Bain & Company

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Chiranjeev Sir! I had the pleasure of taking a few Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension sessions from him a few weeks before my GMAT! His sessions are pure magic. He made me look at problems like never before. He has a remarkable clarity of thought and an even more remarkable way of conveying that to his student. His brainstorming sessions made me go deep into the arguments, think, analyse, reason and conclude in the most efficient way possible. GMAT verbal can be an extremely tricky affair, but with a coach like Chiranjeev sir, you will surely love your journey towards your dream GMAT score! He will ask you so many questions during your session that you’ll literally be forced to understand the argument the way GMAT expects you to! His methods made me solve some questions in a jiffy as he doesn’t really leave any scope for confusion between 2-3 answer choices. 

Chiranjeev sir keeps you motivated and pumped up throughout your study period and is definitely one of the most admirable personalities in this industry! As a mentor and as a motivator, he wins my highest recommendation! 

I’d also recommend every GMAT aspirant to religiously follow his articles on GMAT Club and LinkedIn. His clarity of thought really reflects in his articles which provide some great insights into the exam and its preparation strategies!

Nitish Paliwal
Director & Head – IT Infrastructure, Global PMO & Governance at MetLife

I approached Chiranjeev when I decided to take GMAT some time back. My decision to pursue GMAT was driven more by my desire to challenge and grow myself than anything else. In the first few sessions I realized that I had made the right decision since Chiranjeev focused on mastering the subject-matter and learning and growing rather than just clearing the test. One of the best parts of his teaching style is that he never gives you answers easily. He keeps asking leading questions to guide you to the correct answers. Such an approach builds the right mindset one needs to ace not only GMAT but as well as challenges in day-to-day life.

I highly recommend Chiranjeev for any serious GMAT aspirant interested in building himself and open to being challenged. His success is defined by the success of his students – who grow personally and professionally. Wish him luck in his endeavours of making a positive difference in lives of people and spreading the influence.

Harshit Bhatia
Software Engineer at PureSoftware Ltd

The journey started when I was struggling to get a good score in verbal of my gmat exam.Quant was my strong point but at the same time verbal the weakest and was the main reason of not getting a good score.I was quite skeptical about how personal tutors are for gmat but Chiranjeev sir turned out to be a gem.I just ended up reading about him on Gmatclub and on very next day mailed him and took an appointment. I took few classes about Rc’s, critical reasoning and sentence correction. He makes us think out of the box and makes sure that we have proper reasoning for why we are not choosing the particular option.He is not just concerned about the right choice but also about the reasoning for all options. I still remember he told me not to worry about the timing as it will improve with practice and yea he was right, the CR questions which usually took me around 4 mins narrowed down to 2 mins.I am grateful to him as he showed me the right path and made me work on my weak points and my verbal score jumped by 12 points resulting in an overall jump of 150 points.As a mentor he has always motivated me and made me feel that I am capable of doing well in my exams. I’d recommend every Gmat aspirant to properly follow his guidelines and I assure that after that achieving the dream score will be a cakewalk.

Rohan Bansal
Founder at Tripdukaan

Chiranjeev sir employs a method of teaching that focuses on creating a deep understanding of each concept and it’s application on the GMAT. That was always the objective of each of my sessions with him. He focused not only on helping me understand a concept to its basic fundamental level but also to identify different ways of applying that concept(a crucial skill for the GMAT). This led me to achieve that target GMAT score and also created a learning framework that will stay with me for life. He focused especially on my weak areas and made sure I tackled all the problem areas in the right way. His support and guidance throughout my preparation journey has been invaluable and proved critical in helping me stay on track with my preparation.

I had reached a standstill with my GMATPrep before I approached Chiranjeev sir. After preparing with him, my score went from 580 to 750. I highly recommend Chiranjeev sir as your mentor for achieving your GMAT goals.

Sarrthak Sayal
MBA Candidate at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School – Class of 2020

I got in touch with CJ after a really bad experience with a GMAT coach. I had scored 25 on GMAT Verbal before I started sessions with CJ. CJ comes across as a really calm and composed person with a focussed plan. In some of his initial sessions, I actually got frustrated because of his astute focus on logic (whys, whats, hows) on CR and RC sections. Only after sometime I realised the importance of those exercises. CJ helped me plan the verbal section extremely well. With his help, I was able to raise my verbal score to 40. My confidence in CJ’s methods and my own improvement was validated when I once again scored a 40 on verbal on a retake. He is really professional and has also turned out to be my go-to person for problems beyond GMAT too. Wish you all the best CJ!

Abhinav Garg
HEC Paris FT MBA (S18) candidate

Unlike many other tutors, CJ thrives on his student’s success. He does not teach his students mechanically but with compassion, a rare quality in today’s world where most of the professionals are just after monetary gains. Before teaching, he understands the student’s perspective and emotions. You go to CJ with any query irrespective of nature – academic or non-academic, intelligent or dumb – he ensures the perfect resolution. He has got excellent concept based methodology which is again a rarity in our world, a methodology which focuses more on the thought process than on the result. He always says people are concerned more about “lead parameter” than about “lag parameter”, even though the lead parameter cannot be achieved without addressing the lag parameter. His analytical approach has, in fact, changed my outlook towards looking at facts and data in general life too. Another remarkable quality of CJ is his commitment. He always ensures that whatever time or promise he makes he fulfills. I recommend CJ to anyone not only for GMAT preparation but also for improving one’s outlook towards facts and figures in professional life. With his help, I not only got a significant jump-150 points- in my GMAT score, but also changed the way I read and digest any information.

Mallika Bhargava
Strategic Partnerships at Loove Labs

CJ– thank you for your guidance and support with the GMAT. I have been thinking of taking the test for years and I didn’t realize how much help i needed in verbal. I did think I was coming in with decent english speaking skills, till i realized that the GMAT tests all sorts of different skills. The critical reasoning portion was very challenging for me as well as the harder sentence corrections. CJ broke CR down for me and I was forced to figure out why each statement was incorrect, instead of just finding the correct one, that skill really helped me with attempting harder questions. With SC, I was able to focus on understanding technical things like gerunds and very -ing modifies thanks to CJ’s exceptional videos. Overall, I know I could not have taken the test and get a 40 in verbal without CJ’s efforts. I highly recommend him for all things GMAT, and he had a great presentation on AWA that i read a day before the test which helped me write a decent essay as well. So thank you!

Saurabh Nehete
MBA Candidate at Eli Broad College of Business – MSU

I was struggling with certain parts of the verbal section and was close to test date. That is when I found Chiranjeev. I had explained to him my weakness and issues and he understood exactly what help I need. Even though we worked on a certain section, he helped me solve my doubts on other sections as well and I found him to be knowledgeable, prompt, and positive and a great motivator throughout. He prods you in the right direction by posing questions when solving any problem, so that it is ultimately you who comes up with the answer, being mindful of the concepts and process. I would definitely say I am more confident now when answering problems and have significantly improved my score. Chiranjeev is humble, knows his stuff, enjoys it and so you could never go wrong working with him.

Vikram Chahal
MBA Candidate at Carnegie Mellon – Tepper School of Business

After months of self preparation and classroom coaching, my score was at a standstill and I had no idea as to how I’ll be able to break my score ceiling that I’ve hit. That was until Chiranjeev came into picture. He got hold of my pain point within first couple of classes and hammered me with questions in each session till I didn’t give the right reasoning for it – for which I hated him then, but eventually was glad he did that when I saw my accuracy skyrocketing during practice. This shows that his concepts are crystal clear and have an excellent hold on the verbal section. His secret mantras are legit and reflect his understanding of how GMAT works. As an individual, he is a kind hearted and a very friendly person and makes you feel comfortable in sessions, which is quite an important factor in making your concentration game strong. He actually cares and puts in efforts to help you get to your goal score. I am glad to have a teacher like him. What you’ll learn in the sessions with him will not only prepare you for GMAT but will stay with you throughout your life. So to say that this is one of the best investment I’ve made would be appropriate. You’ll thank your stars, just like I do, for having him as your teacher. ☺

Vishal Devgan
Director at Josh Mobile

When I approached CJ Sir,i had given GMAT 2nd time but was struggling with my verbal part.I had scored V30 and looking for help.Then i chose CJ sir to teach me Verbal.His teaching technique is very unique and focused on precision rather than shortcuts.Due to his efforts i learned to focus on problems with right approach and improve my timing.Instead of explaining things first, CJ encouraged me to look at a given problem with every possible way and thinking with right approach.Though at first this technique looked time consuming but it gave excellent results.Within a month instead of struggling on verbal problems i could solve problems faster and with precision.As a result my score improved from V30 to V39.I thank CJ Sir for the hard work he put in with me and recommend him for anyone looking to improve his score in GMAT.

Akshay Prasad
’19 Yale SOM| London School of Economics| Arthur D. Little

Chiranjeev is a great motivator and someone who has an eye for concepts. He engages with you while practicing questions that helps you understand the mistakes and errors in verbal SC. More importantly he develops a tendency in you to look for minute details that are often important in rejecting options in GMAT during tense time bound conditions. His SC approach relies on muscle building for errors, whereas with RC he dons the role of an excellent devils advocate, helping you understand the importance of each line as well as shifts in the argument. He is one person who helped me understand ‘prethinking’ not by theorizing the concept or writing columns but actually doing it through a question. He is the go-to person in my opinion for your verbal needs. Thanks CJ for all the efforts.

Chirag Bhagat
MBA, Ivey Business School at Western University

Chiranjeev is one of most brilliant minds yet he is extremely humble. A top scorer in both CAT and GMAT, Chiranjeev was an obvious choice for me as a mentor when I decided to appear for GMAT. He not only understands the concepts well but also able to explain complexity with ease. I sure benefited from his guidance, and I believe that he will be a big name in the education industry in time to come!