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What if we ask a different question?

Instead of asking “How do I get my desired GMAT score?”, we ask “How do I deserve my desired GMAT score?”.

Wouldn’t that bring about a big difference in the way we look at the whole journey of GMAT preparation? Wouldn’t that make us ask many questions different from what we have been asking till now?

Probably, that may also determine whether we succeed on GMAT or not; also, even more importantly, whether we learn from GMAT or not.

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Why some people succeed exponentially while others barely grow?

Yesterday, in a conversation, one of my juniors from IIMA shared that his salary became 2.5 times his starting salary in a matter of 2 years! 

During placements at IIMA, he took up a job which paid probably 20-30% less than what he could have gotten from some other job but which was aligned completely with his interests and skills. In a matter of 2 years, he was earning much more than his peers who went into jobs that paid more but were not aligned as closely with their interests and skills.

I believe:

If both your interests and skills are aligned with a job, you’ll have experience both long- and short-term high growth. 

If your skills are aligned but not the interests, you’ll experience short-term growth but you’ll soon be overshadowed by the guys who are genuinely interested in that job.

If your interests are aligned but not the skills, you’ll struggle in the short-term, but you’ll learn much more than others who are not so interested and will outgrow them in the long-term.

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If you have a five-floor house and want a ten-floor one, do you start building on top of the existing one or you build an entirely new one, right from the foundation?

The answer is: It depends.

Depends on what?

On the strength of the foundations of your existing house. 

If your existing foundations can support a ten-floor house, you can build on top of the existing one. However, if your existing foundations are not strong enough, you will need to start afresh – right from building strong foundations. 

If you don’t build strong foundations, you’ll realize that your house above 6th or 7th floor is never stable and keeps crumbling down.

Similar is the problem with people who are stuck in average GMAT scores (V30 to V35 or 650 to 700). Not all of them have a problem with foundations. However, many of them who have been stuck for a long time in this range, or whose scores have been fluctuating a lot around this range – sometimes much higher, sometimes much lower, have a problem in the foundations. They don’t have the right way of thinking. Their existing way of thinking can only take them to the 5th floor, let’s say V30-35. No concepts (building material) or tricks will help. They need to build a foundation that can support a V40-42. 

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In some of my sessions, I ask my students to stop making the same errors so that they can make new errors and thereby learn newer things. I was just thinking, and it hit me that this is so applicable to life too. We keep making the same errors again and again.

Unless we stop making the old errors, how will we make the new ones and grow?

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“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, business guru Peter Drucker famously said. 

I think, in terms of an individual, it means “Your daily habits eat your long-term priorities  for breakfast”.

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