Data-Driven Answers to Questions about GMAT – Part 3

This article is the third part in a series of three articles. You can find the first part on this link and the second part on this link. Are the first few questions more important than the remaining ones? While the common understanding is that the first 10 questions set the tone of the exam […]

Data-Driven Answers to Questions about GMAT – Part 1

I am thoroughly excited to present this article. This article is a result of my analysis of 75 ESRs I’ve gotten from many students, mine or otherwise. From the analysis, I’ve tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions by GMAT aspirants such as: Do Verbal and Quant Scores have equal weights in […]

GMAT: The Best Time Management Strategy

One of my friends wanted to learn driving. However, nobody was willing to teach him. Why? Well, probably because he had a peculiar condition: he wanted to begin learning at 60mph. Some people may not consider him very wise, but he had his logic. He reasoned that since he wouldn’t derive any satisfaction from driving […]

Want to score high on GMAT? Then, be less serious about it!

While on a call with one of my students who improved from 540 to 710, I asked him what he had learnt from this remarkable journey. (Disclaimer: The student came to me for learning just CR section. So, I do not and cannot take credit for his huge score improvement) Among other things, one thing […]

GMAT RC – You need to change the way you read!

Yesterday, I had an RC session with one of my students. As is my methodology, the student was supposed to read three passages before the session so that we could directly discuss the passages in the session. When we got to the second passage, the student remarked that the second one was easier and that […]

GMAT RC – Are you also confusing the symptom with the problem?

A couple of days ago, I had an RC (Reading Comprehension) session with one of my students. Since it was not our first session on RC, I asked him before the beginning of session about how his RC practice was going on. He said, “I’m able to comprehend the passage but get confused in the […]

Subjunctive Verb

This article explains the correct usage of Subjunctive Verb, a topic tested on GMAT SC, while also highlighting its common incorrect usage. The subjunctive verb is used primarily in two situations: to express hypothetical situations AND to express some form of commands. Hypothetical Scenarios Let’s look at this sentence: I wish I was the president […]

Countable and Uncountable nouns

First things first: Why do we need to worry about countable and uncountable nouns? Because whether some of the quantity words can be used with a noun is dependent on whether the noun is countable, and such usage is tested on GMAT. So, without further ado, let’s get to understand the two kinds of nouns […]