Critical Reasoning and The Life of a GMAT Student

Success in Critical Reasoning To succeed in critical reasoning, you shouldn’t just solve CR questions from different sources, but rather develop your ability to read or reason critically all the time. The purpose of CR questions in GMAT is not that whether you can solve these questions successfully but whether

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The ‘Although’ Misconception

Time and again, students have come to me with a ‘rule’ they had heard or read somewhere. Well, it turns out there’s no such rule; it’s only a misconception that is shared by many test takers. The purpose of this article is to dispel that misconception by offering official GMAT

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Don’t swim against the tide of GMAT

Today, I listened to a series of recorded lectures on GMAT by some GMAT instructor. The lectures pertained to Sentence Correction. On listening to the lectures, one thing became clear to me: the aim was to somehow solve the questions correctly as fast as possible. The aim makes sense? Isn’t

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Three Pillars of a Successful GMAT Strategy

There are three pillars of a successful GMAT preparation strategy: 1. Systematic Approach to Studying: GMAT is a test of advanced application of some fundamental concepts within a timed limit. The scientific way to ace GMAT is by mastering these things in the following order Master the Fundamental Concepts Master

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