About Chiranjeev (CJ)

GMAT 780

Q:51 V:47 IR:8 AWA:5.5 (Jan 2017)

GMAT 770

Q:50 V:44 IR:8 AWA:6 (Feb 2013)

IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus

CAT 99.98%ile

(Indian Equivalent of GMAT)

Former Director of Curriculum at e-GMAT

Author of the Most Appreciated CR Subject Matter Article on GMATClub.com

Yes Champion's League

(By MD & CEO, Yes Bank)

What students say

I highly recommend Chiranjeev for any serious GMAT aspirant interested in building himself and open to being challenged. His success is defined by the success of his students – who grow personally and professionally. Wish him luck in his endeavours of making a positive difference in lives of people and spreading the influence.

Nitish Paliwal

Director & Head – IT Infrastructure, Global PMO & Governance at MetLife

I got in touch with CJ after a really bad experience with a GMAT coach. I had scored 25 on GMAT Verbal before I started sessions with CJ. CJ comes across as a really calm and composed person with a focussed plan…With his help, I was able to raise my verbal score to 40…He is really professional and has also turned out to be my go-to person for problems beyond GMAT too. Wish you all the best CJ!


Sarrthak Sayal

MBA Candidate at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School – Class of 2020

Its rare that you come across standout talent like Chiranjeev Sir! 

His sessions are pure magic. He made me look at problems like never before. He has a remarkable clarity of thought and an even more remarkable way of conveying that to his student. 

Chiranjeev sir keeps you motivated and pumped up throughout your study period and is definitely one of the most admirable personalities in this industry! As a mentor and as a motivator, he wins my highest recommendation! 
I’d also recommend every GMAT aspirant to religiously follow his articles on GMAT Club and LinkedIn. 


Rhea Dhall

Analyst at Bain & Company

Chiranjeev is a great motivator and someone who has an eye for concepts… He is the go-to person in my opinion for your verbal needs. Thanks CJ for all the efforts.



Akshay Prasad
Sr. Consultant, Arthur D. Little

After months of self preparation and classroom coaching, my score was at a standstill and I had no idea as to how I’ll be able to break my score ceiling that I’ve hit. That was until Chiranjeev came into picture. What you’ll learn in the sessions with him will not only prepare you for GMAT but will stay with you throughout your life.  You’ll thank your stars, just like I do, for having him as your teacher. 


Vikram Chahal

Co-founder, LyftDesk

Chiranjeev is one of most brilliant minds yet he is extremely humble. A top scorer in both CAT and GMAT, Chiranjeev was an obvious choice for me as a mentor when I decided to appear for GMAT. He not only understands the concepts well but also able to explain complexity with ease. I sure benefited from his guidance, and I believe that he will be a big name in the education industry in time to come!


Chirag Bhagat

Consultant, Deloitte Canada

I was struggling with certain parts of the verbal section and was close to test date. That is when I found Chiranjeev. I found him to be knowledgeable, prompt, and positive and a great motivator throughout. I would definitely say I am more confident now when answering problems and have significantly improved my score. Chiranjeev is humble, knows his stuff, enjoys it and so you could never go wrong working with him.


Saurabh Nehete

Project Engineer

When I approached CJ Sir,i had given GMAT 2nd time but was struggling with my verbal part.I had scored V30 and looking for help. CJ encouraged me to look at a given problem with every possible way and thinking with right approach.Though at first this technique looked time consuming but it gave excellent results.Within a month instead of struggling on verbal problems i could solve problems faster and with precision.As a result my score improved from V30 to V39.I thank CJ Sir for the hard work he put in with me and recommend him for anyone looking to improve his score in GMAT.


Vishal Devgan

Director, Josh Mobile

Chiranjeev is simply an amazing mentor. What I really love is his problem solving approach. What I really love is his problem solving approach. Go to him with a query and you will never get the direct answer. Instead, he takes you through a serious of thought provoking questions and a path of discovery and, voila, you find the answer yourself. CJ is a GMAT champ. He is one of the most respected expert on GMATClub. It was great working with you! Stay in touch CJ!


Aninda Basu
Former Expert, e-GMAT

Why Choose CJ over other GMAT Tutors?


I have backed all my claims on this website with links to their proofs. Why have I done so? So that you have someone you can trust. Everyone in the market is making tall claims about his or her qualifications, and unfortunately, most of these claims are false. It is high time we start providing proofs publicly and not put an aspirant in an embarrassing position to ask for them.

Session Recordings

I am perhaps the first in the country to provide session recordings for all online private GMAT tutoring sessions. Session recordings help you revise better and help you make connections in the concepts that you may not have been able to make during the session. I have received very positive response to the video recordings from my students.

Highest Quality Content

This website hosts a number of articles, videos, and solutions to official questions. You can go through the content on the website to understand the quality I stand for. Very few, if any, other private GMAT tutors in the market publish content publicly. Publishing content publicly is one of the ways I demonstrate my belief in my quality.

Most Qualified Instructor

When you study from me, you know that you are studying from one of the guys who have been there and done that.

Success Stories

In a relatively short time I have been in this domain, I'm proud at the success of my students, some of whom have recommended me on linkedin.


How to ace GMAT?

A series of 6 videos that, in addition to providing introduction to GMAT, lays out the “MINDSET” one should have while preparing for GMAT.

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